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The Lorelei

She's very vibrant!

The Lorelei picnic is bursting with color and style! The weather is warming up and so is our picnics.  With deep purples, hot pinks and bright oranges, we can't escape the celebration of Summer. The warm natural wicker elements and gold cutlery elevates your picnic experience. So let's make a picnic to remember!

Spring Picnic for the website.jpg
Spring top shot.jpg

The Daisy

She's in full bloom.

The Daisy picnic brings all the beautiful colors of spring to life.  It's inspired by the many flowers that are in full bloom. The light pastel linens and natural wood elements compliment nature's beauty. So let's celebrate spring with a picnic! 

landscape charlotte.jpg
Charlotte 2.0 Top Shot.jpg

The Charlotte

She's simple yet classy -

The Charlotte picnic theme is our sophisticated beauty. Inspired by the traditional elegance of cottage design, with soft natural elements and charm. It's styled with a neutral palette, and with hints of green within the florals. Enjoy the laid back elegant ambiance. Where even in the midst of meadows, it still feels cozy enough to call home. 

The Elizabeth party of 8.jpg
Top View the elizabeth .jpg

The Elizabeth

She's unforgettable - 

The Elizabeth picnic is our French Beauty. Our design was inspired by soft subtle hues of blue. It's pops of white and hints of ivory, complement this tranquil and serene setting. Designed with  touches of clear antique accessories, that give the look  of simplicity. They also  highlight our main attraction, this toile patterned tablecloth. With it being called "the moment", It will be a sure conversation starter. So relax, reflect and enjoy a day in the country.

Josephine Themes Page_edited.jpg
Josephine top view 8.jpg

The Josephine

She's exquisite-

The Josephine picnic will surly grace your guests with refined taste. This design offers the satisfaction of color, but in the most subtle way with sage, olive and beige tones. Inspired by elegant dinner parties and green pastures, the end result is having the best of both worlds. Therefore let's enjoy the luxuries of the indoors, while experiencing nature's beauty.

Antoinette top view.jpg

The Antoinette

She's pretty in pink -

The Antoinette picnic is our Victorian beauty. This theme was inspired by the  Victorian era. It is styled with shades of muted pinks, gold accents, and velvet plush linens. This design will bring romance and a dramatic flair to any occasion. So cheers and let's

celebrate life together.  

Deep Red.jpg

The Rose

She's lovely.

The Rose picnic is featured with deep shades of red, perfect for anniversaries, proposals or date nights. The elegant place setting and rose folded napkins creates a romantic space.
As pictured here, fresh florals add-ons are encouraged to set the scene and to add to the ambiance. 

More style options 

Custom Design

Square Lace Frame.PNG

Create a Custom Theme

1. Choose your color palette.

examples: lavender, neutrals, mix of blue and pink

2. Choose a foundation.

examples: tablecloth, overlay, table runner

3. Choose place setting necessities.

examples: glassware, plates, utensils

We create something special!

Keep in mind that we take pride in our brand's aesthetic and will accept color palettes complementary to Forget Me Not Picnics.

Thank you for understanding.

Collection of Custom Designs

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