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Please read 

Important Guidelines

Step 1. - Submit Contact Form

Please start by filling out the contact form below. All required fields need to be filled out in order for us to be able to receive an inquiry. We will contact you via phone call based on the day and time you have provided. From there please allow us 48 hours to put together a Welcome Packet with details that reflect your request. We highly encourage our future clients to book at least 2-3 weeks in advance. This will give us time to secure fresh floral arrangements, permits, etc.

Step 2. - Book Your Date

When you receive a Welcome Packet with a quote from us, it will reflect the details sent in the contact form. We require our future clients to review and acknowledge that everything perfectly reflects what was submitted. When you are ready to book, we will then put together a proposal, contract and invoice that will secure your picnic date. A 50% non-refundable retainer fee is required at the time of booking. The remaining 50% cost is due 7 days before your picnic event. 

Step 3. - We Prepare Your Picnic

From the time you book your picnic, we get to work preparing for your event. We ensure that if fresh floral arrangements, permits, etc. are needed, we take the necessary steps to get things ordered, signed etc. We will send you a brochure and guidelines reminder. We ask that you please review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask and we'd be happy to answer any and all. We also ensure all picnic essentials are prepared and ready for your special day, by picking out everything from our in house inventory. We are just as excited to set up your picnic, as you are to be a guest at your own event. 

Step 4. - Day before picnic

24 hours prior to your picnic event, we will email you a reminder of your your picnic details such as location, directions and time of event. 

Step 5. - Picnic Day!

YAY it's the day of your picnic! When you arrive, you will be briefly greeted by us, your picnic planners. We will then depart and be absent during the duration of your picnic. 5 minutes prior to your picnic event ending, we will send a text message or email indicating that we will be returning to you shortly. Once we arrive, we will then ensure all rented items are accounted for and without damages. 

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